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General contact information for SEME

Mailing Address
         School of Electro-Mechanical Engineering
        Dean's Office
        2 South TaiBai Road
        PO Box: 710071
        Xi'an, Shaanxi        

For Specific Offices
        Complete listing of SEME academic and administrative offices
       Academic and administrative leadership at EME
For Information on How to Apply and Admissions
    We invite interested prospective undergraduate students and prospective graduate students to apply for admission.
        All prospective undergraduate students apply and are admitted to Harvard College.
        For specific information on the SEME graduate admissions process, call (029) 8820-3115 or email
        For GENERAL questions about graduate admissions contact:
        Office of Admissions and Financial Aid
        Xidian University
        2 South TaiBai Road
        Telephone: (029) 8820-2456
        Telephone: (029) 8820-3115
        Fax: (029) 8820
-3115 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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