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      Leadership Speech
     SEME£¬established in 1999£¬can trace back to the Department of Radar Technology established by Xidian University in 1960 In school running, it established the earliest Chinese electro-mechanical combination majors Radar Structure and Wireless Equipment Structure.   Over the past 50 years£¬it has gained fine performance in various aspects including education and teaching,
social service, discipline establishment£¬faculty team establishment£¬cultural continuity and innovation, scientific research.  SEME's talent cultivation quality increases constantly so that university graduates through cultivation gain widespread praise of the society. SEME teachers and students offer a vigorous talent£¬sci-tech and intelligence support for the state and local economy.
     SEME's perseverance in struggling over fifty years with half-century gains with pains£¬indeed result from care of leaders at all levels and all walks of life. Here£¬on behalf of SMEE over 4100 faculty£¬students and staff, we extend sincere respects and heart elt thanks to all domestic and overseas former students and those who care and support SEME development.
     "Before any obstacle strong, we will never let down!"  On a new historical starting-point, by the principles(mottos) of "Virtue£¬Truth£¬Study and Practice" as always£¬all the faculty£¬students and staff of SMEE will put "Cohesion£¬Diligence£¬Pragmatism and Innovation" spirits into practice to inherit the past and usher in the future and strive for innovation and prosperity so as to deepen education and teaching reform and energetically improve levels and standards of school running for the purpose of establishing SEME into a research-oriented School.
    All young talents are warmly welcome to learn or further study in SEME so as to climb the sci-tech summit for growing into the best and the bright of our country; on the other hand£¬all eminent persons are earnestly invited to join SEME so as to working together for our brilliant future!




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