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     We actively cooperate and exchanges with domestic and overseas famous universities, research institutions in research and academic research. During the 11th ¡°Five-Year Plan, we ever held 4 International academic conferences and 4 domestic academic conferences. We established an "Engineering and Antenna Structure Optimization Design" Joint Laboratory with London Guildhall
University and "Space Structure Design" Joint Laboratory with Waseda University. Besides, we established an extensive cooperative partnership with Cornell University(USA)£¬Manchester University£¬Jodrell Bank Observatory£¬Arecibo Observatory, and various institutes of CLP Group.
     In recent years, almost 100 specialists and scholars famous at home and abroad have been invited to pay a visit.
Professor Lawrence O.Hall of University of South Florida paid a visit
Professor W.M. Wonham of University of Toronto paid a visit
Seiko InstrumentsAssoclation paid a visit
Professor Ezra Elias of Israel Institute of Technology paid a visit

2010 IEEE Internatlonal Conference on Mechatronics andAutomation
Professor Hiroshi Yamakawa of Waseda University paid a visit
CJK-OSM1£ºThe First China-Japan-Korea Joint Symposium on Optimization of Structural and Mechanical Systems
German HANS Dr ofAntenna Structure paid a visit
Professor Zhijian Pei of Kansas State University 'paid a visit
Professor Daniel Yeung of South China University of Technology
The First Asia International Symposium on Mechatronics Theory£¬Method and Application
Dr.ZhouMengchu Professional Lecturer tiltled "Cheung Kong Scholar¡± gave a report at the 2008IEEE Internatlonal Ultrasonics Svmposium
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