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      Teaching Profile

        Our school has developed a well-targeted and complete three-level educational system (undergraduate, master and Ph.D programs). We also focus on undergraduate practical teaching line and extracurricular sci- tech practice activities. Each undergraduate student has taken part in
"SparkleCup Sci-Tech Contest" organized by the school. The school performs an undergraduate tutoring system£¬with postgraduate students and most undergraduate students engaged in the school teachers¡¯ scientific research and laboratory construction. Under the guidance of teachers£¬the students have obtained excellent achievements in such projects as various discipline competitions£¬domestic undergraduate student innovative experiment plans.
        Our School also has:
        1. 2 National and provincial points of Specialty Construction,
        2. A national experimental teaching demonstration center,
        3. 3 National Excellent Courses a provincial Excellent Course,
        4. A provincial training model test area,
        5. A provincial excellent teaching team.
         In recent years, We have published 18 teaching materials for undergraduate and postgraduate , including six textbooks of Ministry Education, the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" textbook project and two provincial level textbooks.

  Participated in the National Engineering Training Comprehensive Ability Competition for Undergraduate Students Participated in China Robot Competition
  MicrosoR Global Embedded Competition Extracurricular Sci-TechWork-Automatic Tracing Car
Participated in the Mechanical Innovative Design Competition for National school Students

Some Textbooks compiled by Teachers

Undergraduate Students¡¯Works for Engineering Training

Exhibition of Works from Students of Department of Industrial Design

Undergraduate students did practice in ZTE Corporation

Practice in Electric Fitting

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