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      The School of Electro-Mechanical Engineering consists of six departments and a research center, namely Department of Electro-mechanical Engineering, Department of Industrial Design, Department of Automatic Control, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Measurement , and Department of Electronic Packaging and Control Engineering ......  
  1.The mechano-electronic Branch of postgraduate Annual Conference has ended. and organized a total of 6 academic reports.
2. Academicians academic report: Chancellor Zheng Xiaojing made a report " analytic characterization of the magnetic force of the ferromagnetic structure".

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      The school is leading the graduate education and training programs in the following disciplines: Mechanical Engineering, Measurement Science and Instruments, Control Theory and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Engineering Mechanics. It presently enrolls over 700 Master’s graduate students and over 100 doctoral ones......  
      The School has established a Key Laboratory of Electronic Equipment Structure Deslgn under the Ministry of Education and Key Laboratory of Electronic Mechanism under the Ministry of Information Industry Sincethe 11 "Five-YearPlan.underthe guidelines ofcloselyfollowing overseas developmenttrend and centering on the national development requirements, ......  
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