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      Academic Report
  ¡¤The mechano-electronic Branch of postgraduate Annual Conference has ended. and organized a total of 6 academic reports.
      The annual postgratuate academic conference of Mechano-electronic College started on October 29th, 2012 and ended successfully on December 9th, 2012.

    During the confefence, 6 acacemic reports were made by 6 guest experts: Zheng Xiaojing, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Nian Fushun, Chief Scientist of the Chinese Group of Electronic/Electrical Science; Alessandro Giua, specially hired professor of "Program of One Thousand Foreign Expert"; Yuan Weizheng, specially hired professor of "Changjiang Scholars"; Durga Misra, professor of College of Science and Technology of New Jersey, USA and Jia Jianyuan, professor and leader of machinery engineering, Xidian University.
    The conference called for papers from postgraduates of doctor¡¯s and master¡¯s degrees. 99 papers were received, among which 25 from students of Ph,D and 75 from students of MS.

  ¡¤Academicians academic report: Chancellor ZHENG Xiao-jing made a report "analytic characterization of the magnetic force of the ferromagnetic structure"

    On December 6th, 2012, President Zheng Xiaojing attended the annual postgratuate academic conference of Mechano-electronic College, Xidian University. She made a report named "Characterization of the magnetic force of ferromagnetic structure" for about 300 postgraduates and teachers in the reporting hall of the library in the northern campus. The report was chaired by Qiu Yuanying, Secretary of CPC of Mechano-electronic College. Vice president Hao Yiao and some other leaders concerned also attended the report.
    In the report, Zheng mainly introduced her research on establishing the Zhou-Zheng model of characterization of the magnetic force, which is recognized internationally as a new theory that has given up.
    Finally, President Zheng Xiaojing, based on her own research experience, encouraged the students to obtain a national and global view, be ambitous and practical, advocate science and nobility, and take more responsibility and improve personality.

  ¡¤Doctoral of mechano-electronic engineering published papers in "scientific report" which's "natural"'s subjournal.
      Not long ago, Wang Xiaofeng, a doctoral postgraduate of Mechano-electronic College, whose advisor is Professor Wang Long, published an essay "Beyond pairwise strategy updating in the prisoners dilemma game" in Scientific Reports, a subjournal of Nature.
    Scientific Reports, a comprehensive Internet journal started by Nature Publishing Group in 2011, covers all disciplines of natural sciences and is listed by PubMed and SCI.

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