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    Our school nowadays has developed a large pool of high-level excellent academic leaders who lead all disciplines for a high level all the time, including l chief scientist of "973 Project", 2 specially invited professors and professional lecturers titled "Cheung Kong Scholars" by the Ministry of
Education. 2 dually-appointed academicians£¬3 "New Century Excellent Talents" approved by the Ministry of Education£¬3 menlbers the Teaching Steering Committees of the Ministry of Education£¬2 provincial falnous teachers Nowadays, the school has a faculty of 19l among which includes 32 professors and 6l master supervisors Young and mid-aged teachers account for 69£¥ of the total in recent years£¬3 (Humboldtians) and 36 (visiting scholars) of them have ever been abroad to participate in the international academic exchange by or government sponsorship.
   Our Professors
Prof£®Duan Baoyan Prof£®Zheng Xiaojing  
Prof£®Chen Guangda Prof£®Chen Guimin Prof£®Chen Jianjun
Prof£®Guo Baolong Prof£®Guo RunQiu Prof£®Huang Jin
Prof£®Jia Jianyuan Prof£®Li Tuanjie Prof£®Li Xiaoping
Prof£®Li Zhi Prof£®Li Zhiwu Prof£®Liu Guixi
Prof£®Liu MingZhi Prof£®Ma Boyuan Prof£®Qiu Yang
Prof£®Qiu Yuanying Prof£®Qu Baiqing Prof£®Shao Xiaodong
Prof£®Su Yuxin Prof£®Tian Wenchao Prof£®Wang Jiali
Prof£®Wang Long Prof£®Wang Songlin Prof£®Wang Congsi
Prof£®Yu Jianguo Prof£®Zhao Jian Prof£®Zhao Ke
Prof£®Zheng Fei Prof£®Zheng Feng Prof£®Zhou Wei
Prof£®Zhu Minbo Prof£®Zhu Rongming  



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